Истории Изумрудного Города

в Волшебной Стране Жевунов

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11 December 1979
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The time is changing and so am I. This lifejournal is a real-time daybook of my life, pretty open, but not offensive...
I like: my lovely boyfriend, my family, my friends, nice sunny weather, sunday breakfast, nice romantic dinner, watching movies, red wine, driving a car, ocean, nice ocean breeze, green trees, beaches, my work, cooking for him, his cooking, ocean storm, kissing, white snow and blue sky, mountains, be creative.
I dislike: be jealous, be alone, cold winter, sunday evening, dinner alone, big brother, wodka, public transport, dirty streets, smog, be bored at work, cooking for myself, fast-food, jelly-fish, to argue, low winter clouds, be bored.

Social capital

  • less than 10